5 Tips for Selecting the Best Natural Stone Bathtubs for Your Home or Garden

This article presents essential information about freestanding natural stone bathtubs. Have you ever wondered whether these unique bathroom fixtures would complement your home’s interior and what unexpected results they might bring to you? Discover which bathtub would be most suitable for your bathroom or garden.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Natural Stone Bathtubs for Your Home.

Natural stone bathtubs are trending, unique elements of bathroom equipment that satisfy not only luxurious resorts and wellness centers but also private apartments seeking something special. In this article, we’ll assist you in finding the perfect bathtub that will entirely transform the atmosphere of your bathroom or garden.

Do You Appreciate Raw Nature? If your answer is yes, then the best choice would be stone bathtubs from our River Stone collection. This collection is the best-selling one by far. River Stone bathtubs are crafted from basalt boulders extracted from Indonesian rivers, then transformed into unique freestanding stone bathtubs. It’s a very durable stone that can also be used outdoors in any climate conditions.

  1. Do You Need Something Majestic? In that case, your primary choice would be Onyx bathtubs. This collection is crafted from semi-transparent honey-colored onyx or a shade known as sunset, which can be illuminated by light, creating a stunning effect. They perfectly complement dark bathrooms, but there are no limits here, really.
  2. Are You Fond of Minimalism? If you find beauty in simple yet effective ideas, your go-to bathtubs would be made of Marble. There are two collections – modern and classic. Modern designs are entirely conceived by our team, while the classic refers to models that have been on the market for a long time.
  3. Searching for Something Extraordinary? The petrified wood sink collection might be what you’re looking for. Their appearance resembles what they are – real petrified tree trunks turned into stone. They surely won’t fit into every bathroom interior, but once they do, they work wonders.

Stone bathtubs are robust because their formation process lasted millions of years.

  1. Seeking Relaxation for Yourself or a Spa? Purchase any natural stone bathtubs. They will reward you with a blissful sensation for your skin with every bath, they’ll become addictive, ensuring your bathing experiences are always positive. The need to bathe in a tub made of a different material will always be noticeable to you.

Stone bathtubs are fantastic not only because they enhance the interior’s aesthetics but also contribute to the global sustainable development strategy. Their production process is environmentally friendly, and we deliver them only in wholesale quantities to enable the replacement of artificial ceramic sinks and to minimize the carbon footprint. All this in line with an ethical work environment in our factory.

We hope you will join us – employees, customers, and nature – all benefiting from these exceptional products!

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